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Practice Areas

Audits, Tax, Non Profit
Audit, Review & Compilation Engagements


The level of service provided is determined by a client's need as required by creditors, investors or governmental standards. Compilations are the most basic level of service a CPA can provide with respect to reporting on financial statements. Audited financial statement services require us to comply with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. We are required to obtain corroborating evidence for the amounts and disclosures included in the financial statements. Falling somewhere in between the work required for a compilation and audit, falls the work required to issue a review report on financial statements. We take the time to understand a client's needs and often times discover a higher level of service is not required thus saving the client professional fees. 

Consulting & Management Advisory Services


This is an area where our many years of experience with businesses of all types sets us apart from many other firms. We think outside the box looking at what clients have done right in the past and what they have done wrong and use those experiences to advise clients with regard to their current needs. Their need may be a current financial or tax need as well as need with their business operations. We provide advice and assistance on projects often times thought to be outside the realm of what we as CPA's provide. Potential needs of clients may include mergers, acquisitions and sales of their business, succession planning, lease versus buy evaluations of equipment, cost accounting, and much more. 

Business, Individual, Trust, Gift and Estate Tax Planning & Preparation


Whether you are a W-2 employee, independent contractor, business owner of a corporation or partnership we prepare Federal and most state income tax returns. If you have gifted more than $14,000 to any one individual during 2014 you most likely must file a gift tax return. We can prepare those returns for you. Perhaps you are a trustee of a trust or the personal representative of an estate, our firm also provides the services related to the tax filings required.



Businesses may find themselves with a temporary need to outsource their controller duties. This may be the result of a controller being out on medical leave or perhaps a position is left vacant. Often times while providing these services we discover more efficient accounting systems, enhanced reports for management and additional or improved internal controls . 

Business & Cash Management


In need of cash flow information to assist you in managing your business? Want to know if you made so much money and paid so much in tax, then where is the balance of what you made? We can assist you with important cash management information and guidance necessary to appropriately run your business.

QuickBooks Assistance
We provide QuickBooks setup, training, and support at your location.
Non Profit


We assist not-for-profits with accounting services, financial statement audits, Form 990 preparation, OMB 133 and grant compliance, internal control assessments, internal audits, strategic planning and budgeting.

Payroll & Sales Tax


Many clients outsource preparation of their quarterly and annual payroll tax returns to our firm. This includes the preparation of Forms 940, 941, W-2 and state unemployment returns. In addition we often prepare Form 1099 as well as monthly sales tax returns.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

Many times we have been approached by clients believing they are in need of a review or audit with regard to their financial statements. After we inquired of the client what their need was in detail we discover that an agreed-upon procedures engagement is more appropriate and often less costly to them. An agreed-upon procedures engagement is where a client identifies certain procedures for us to follow with regard to financial information and we report our finding based upon following those procedures. 

Client Accounting Services


Often times businesses find it is more efficient to outsource their bookkeeping to us versus attempting to staff it in-house. We handle the recording of receipts and expenditures ultimately resulting in compiled financial statements. 

Client accounting
Quickbooks Asst
Business Cash mgmt
Consulting Mgmt Adv
Controllership Agree upon Proc
Payroll & Sales Tax
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